about our podiatry practice  Pawtucket, RI

Blackstone Valley Foot & Ankle is dedicated to keeping Pawtucket, Rhode Island residents active and on their feet through expert and compassionate podiatric care. Podiatrist Dr. Joseph K. Domenico leads the team in advanced treatment techniques and procedures so patients walk out of their office with improved foot and ankle health.

From the smallest twinge to debilitating discomfort, foot and ankle pain should not be ignored. The team seeks to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, from heel and ankle problems to knee and sports injuries. Though Blackstone Valley Foot & Ankle specializes in custom orthotics, biomechanics, and sports-specific orthotics, they always take conservative measures first to ensure a positive outcome.

The team at Blackstone Valley Foot & Ankle is all about transparency and empathy. They strive to maintain a great relationship with every patient and offer cost-effective and honest pricing. Patients praise the team’s comprehensive care, from therapeutic ultrasounds to over-the-counter treatments like foot creams and shoe inserts.